We stand on new scratch line and focus on customers’ new demand

Watchmen was founded in 2015. But the history already started a decade earlier as the founders brought along the experience of working with desiccant products and ocean transport for many years.

Watchmen is a pioneer full of energy creativity in moisture protection technology. We have achieved this position through skilled and dedicated employees, and by satisfying demanding customers. We commit ourselves to lead the development of container desiccants in the world.

Watchmen is a highly innovative company that makes considerable investments in R&D. This enables us to keep leading the way toward better protection against costly moisture damages.

Watchmen is successive improvements and modification led to modern desiccant of high efficiency:

  • To use 100% calcium chloride, with its superior absorption capacity,
  • To offer a product fully designed for hanging within the corrugated recess of container walls without occupying valuable storage space,
  • To offer a desiccant product specifically suited to protect bulk loaded shipments.